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Make your own fused glass at Art As You Like It
Fused glass is a fun way to make your own unique jewelry and dishes using bits and pieces of glass. Create your own abstract design, or use one of our templates to help you get started.
How do I get started...can we just walk in, or do we have to take a class?

If it's your first time, we HIGHLY suggest taking one of our class options. You will gain so much more from a class. However, classes are not for kids under age 8. We do not teach glass cutting or our advanced techniques to small children. The youngest we seat at the glass table is age 5 and only offer basic projects with limited safety glass (you can make earrings, bracelet, or small suncatchers)
We will show you our pre-designed project options, choose one of the options and then create your own project inspired by glass that is already done. Most glass pieces are already cut for you (you will not have to cut pieces, staff will help if you need glass piece adjusted for your project) We often offer you choices in color variations. Our staff will show you how to assemble and glue your project. Leave your project for firing. This is a great option for small groups (under 4 people) kids (5+) and adults who just want a quick project to make. Projects range in price from $8.95-$19.95

If you have taken a class or workshop from us before, you are welcome to come in and create at our glass table anytime that we have open seats.

We suggest that if you have more than 4 people in your group, everyone is over 9+ years old, and you have never taken a class from us, that you schedule your first visit as a class. (we think you will learn a lot more from a class that you will be able to use on future visits).(see options to the right)

Because we do classes and reservations, the glass table is not always available for walk-in, we suggest calling ahead, especially on weekends, or check our STUDIO CALENDAR here to see if the glass area is reserved for a different group.
Take a class
Classes are geared for adults and older kids. In a class you will learn how to cut glass, create designs, embellish glass add textures, dimension and design. All tools and instruction are provided. Classes typically last 2 hours. We have several group classes pre-scheduled for your convenience, or if you have a group of 4 or more, you can schedule your own class. The class cost will vary depending on the project that you choose for your group. Classes are not suitable for kids, as they find all our educational spiel under 8 can create as a walk-in (see info to the left)

Class Options: (click on the word, you will go to the page that details project options and pricing for your area of interest)

Birthday Parties (kids 8+)
Birthday Parties/Adult Groups(adults/kids 14+)
Girl Scouts (Juniors +)
Pre-Scheduled studio glass class (adults kids/ 12+)
Create your own Glass class (min 4 people-adults/kids 10+)
Step 1
Choose your base and design glass
We have a variety of pre-cut base pieces and tons of colored chips, frits, stringers and noodles to use in your design. Bases start at 1" x 1 ' in size and go up to 6"X6".


Step 2
Customize your shape and glue design glasses together
You can choose to nip the edges to be a pointier or more rounded edge, or leave the glass as is. Firing will round the edges automatically. Glue pieces using ordinary white glue.

Step 3
We fuse (melt) your pieces in our kiln.
Finishing for jewelry items includes jewelry findings.

Walk Ins Welcome:
  • Try out one of our designs or create your own
  • Most of our glass is pre-cut and ready to assemble. 
  • Our staff is available to help you if you have questions
  • Project 4 X 4 or larger can be made into a plate
  • Project options include: Necklace, earrings, bracelet, sun catcher, trivets, small plates
  • To view some of our finished projects CLICK HERE
  • Projects start at $9.95
We also offer firing of bottles CLICK HERE for more info

How old do kids have to be to try this?
We have added a new product called safety glass, the edges are rounded and easy for small hands to handle. We still suggest that kids be at least age 5. 

How long does it take to make a project?
That depends on you. Some of our simpler designs can be made in less than 1/2 hour, more for larger projects or more intricate designs. We suggest allowing yourself one hour to make your project

Can I take my project home the same day?
 All projects do need to be fired.We have the option to fire items and get them back to you in about 24 hours. However, check with staff first, as our firings are first come first serve. We do charge extra for 24 hour turn around. Otherwise most projects can be finished in 3-7 days (depends on volume)

We have never done this, will you help us?
Just like our pottery painting, we will set you ups with supplies and materials, leave you with basic instructions and let you create at your leisure. If you have questions, staff is available to answer them.If you would like to learn beyond the basics, sign up for one of our beginner classes and we will give you a more thorough glass fusing experience. 
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