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We sell YOUR handmade art!
We are excited to be adding a consignment and gift area to our fun little studio. Our front entry way will now offer you the ability to shop for gifts in our studio We will keep an assortment of unique and handmade items --rotating our options often, so stop in to see what's new! We are always looking for new consignment options. Review the basic guidelines before, download the required application and send it in. New products are rotated into our studio on a quarterly basis.
Are you a budding or accomplished artist or designer just dying to try out selling the items you make? Well, we are now accepting applications for products to sell in our studio on a consignment basis.

General Consignment rules 
  1. Items should be fun, creative and family friendly as well as unique and one of a kind!
  2. All Items must be hand made by you!
  3. Upcycled/recycled is allowed as long as the item has been altered enough to make what was old, new.
  4. Items are sold on a consignment basis, all artists must sign and agree to the terms on the formal agreement
  5. A consignment fee will be charged on all items sold. Generally 30% of the retail price.
  6. Artist will suggest retail price of items, if items do not sell within a reasonable time, the items will be removed from selling floor.
  7. Contracts will be for 4 month increments. Artist can choose to remove items, reduce selling price, or add new items on a monthly basis
  8. Artist will be required to promote themselves and send their clients to our studio to see their items for sale. We will give you suggestions.
  9. Artists are not allowed to take custom orders for items currently in the consignment contract. If an item is displayed in our studio, the custom order must  be made via our studio, 
  10. All efforts will be made to insure no theft occurs on items displayed in our studio, however, if an item is stolen, it is considered a loss of the artist--consignment fee will be forfeited.
  11. Items left for consignment should be constructed as a durable item--we have periods of high volume traffic, and items will be touched--keep that in mind when submitting products.

All items are approved by application. You must download or pick up a consignment application and fill out the required information. Please, no in store soliciations without the required application and documents.

Consignment Application

Items we are looking for:
Jewelry (not fused glass)
Womens and childrens hair accessories (barrettes, headbands, hair pony's)
Home decor-vases, lamps, storage
Wall art-paintings or otherwise
As this is a new adventure, we will review items as we see fit.

In general items should be smaller, in the $20-$50 range (retail price) and easy to display and sell.

Items will be consigned in 4 month increments. Contracts will be renewed based on sales of items and seasonal needs. 

Click here to see what is currently displayed for sale in the studio

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