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Clay Activities
We have lots of options available for the budding clay artist. No prior experience is necessary! We offer instruction to adults and children. Try one of our project options or bring us your idea Reservations are required for all clay instruction. Please note that most projects require two visits, one to make your project, one to paint your project. First firing of wet clay projects can take up to two weeks depending on firing schedules. Please plan accordingly. 

Please note, we are in the process of re-doing our website AND on-line reservation. Because of this we are temporarily removing some reservation options from our website until we can get everything updated. Please feel free to call the studio to reserve times until we get the on-line registration up to date.

Wheel Throwing for Beginners
***An appointment is required for wheel throwing lessons. Please call the studio at 320-257-2787 to set up an appointment.

Includes: Clay, 45 minutes of supervised wheel time, use of tools and firing of two finished items.
Learn the basics of centering the clay and creating a cylinder or bowl.

$15 per person (kids ages 7 and up or adults) for lesson
$5 for up to two items for painting/finishing (separate visit)
  • Lessons can be given during our open studio hours,
  • Each person will make 2 items (1st one is practice, 2nd is application of skills)
  • We only have one studio wheel, so only one person at a time is given a lesson.
  • if there is a staff person available and no other events scheduled in the studio--same day appointment often available. You will have to call to set up a same day appointment
  • Projects must be painted at a second visit and then fired a second time in the kiln
  • Thrown wheel projects will be held for 30 days after first firing for your return visit

Wheel Studio Rental:
On-sight wheel rental is available to those who have had prior experience with wheel throwing.
$10 per day + cost of clay/firing of items (see pricing below)  A reservation is suggested (same day requests are usually available.
  • Use our tools or bring your own.
  • Clay and firing is calculated separately.
  • You must purchase clay in our studio for use on the wheel 
  • Wheel rental time is available daily in one hour time slots, your rental fee is for the day.  If you need additional time simply reserve more than one consecutive slot.
  • Please note, we require you to have a wheel consultation (takes about 10-15 minutes prior to allowing you to use our wheel. The consultation will be with our wheel instructor and it will be a mini test just to make sure you remember the steps for throwing on the wheel.

Hand building/sculpting
Artist have hand built with clay for centuries. You can make both functional, and decorative projects!
Includes: Use of all of our in-studio clay tools, molds, texture plates, and cutting tools. Firing of your project

$10 studio fee + Clay (see clay pricing below) Most projects range $12-$15

Click Here to see some project ideas
  • Same day appointments usually available!
  • Call ahead so we can set up your table and insure trained staff is available to give you instruction.
  • Many sculpture projects can be painted the same day. However you don't have to. If you would like to have your items bisque fired, and then come back to paint after the first firing there is a fee paint/firing fee of $3-5 per person/per item.(please note items will be easier to paint after bisque firing--we will let you know if we suggest this step)
  • Bisque projects will be held for up to 30 days.
Clay Experience Packages
Looking for more than one lesson? Please CLICK HERE to see some of our clay experience packages for kids and adults (great idea for a gift, home school art requirement, or extended learning program.
Clay to go
Take home a package of clay, bring back your finished items for firing. Basic instructions available. Sold in 25# bags- $20 per bag. We usually have extra on hand, but please let us know if you would like more than a bag.

Clay cost: (in studio)
Clay can be purchased in 1 lb increments (firing and paint are extra) Purchase Clay $1 per pound, or $20 for a 25# bag

Types of Clay available
We use low fire earthenware clay.
This clay is excellent for hand building and wheel throwing. It has a smooth texture, and fires to a white color. It works well with our rainbow assortment of fireable studio paints, and pottery glazes
Terracotta or red earthenware clay is also available.
We don't always have Terracotta clay available. If you would like to use this clay, call ahead and we can have some available for you. (must have 1-2 weeks notice)

Firing fee:  (used for home projects or wheel thrown items not made in a lesson)
For most in studio hand building projects, your pricing will be all inclusive and includes the firing of your item. However, if you are creating a project at home, or create an item that is unusually large we can determine the cost of firing using a firing formula:

Measure your item: width x depth x height x .03 = firing cost

If you have several items to fire you may want to rent the entire kiln or part of the kiln we Charge $25 to rent and fire one kiln load.
Rental time must be set up and cleared in advance, and may take up to two weeks to schedule due to in-studio need.

Clay Instruction
Our on sight staff can offer basic instruction on the use of our studio tools and
simple hand building projects.
  • No prior experience, or the purchase of tools is necessary,
  • we have everything here for you to use.
  • Most projects can be explained in just a few minutes, and then you can work in our supervised studio--staff will be available to answer questions while you work.
  • If you have a more complicated project or require extra help please make an appointment with one of our clay experts.

We also provide:. On-sight and off-sight instruction for groups. Value pricing for non-profit organizations like Girl Scouts, Boys Scouts, 4H groups, and schools. Click here to see some of our group options or please call for more information 320-257-2787

Important to Know
Clay projects require TWO firings, and take up to 4 weeks to complete (longer if you have to come back to paint your item)
If you are making items for a gift, please allow plenty of time.

CLAY FAQ (yes these are real questions we have taken over the phone)
I have some clay I dug out of the river near my house. Can you fire this for me? No. We only have one kiln, experiments are better done in an experimental kiln, not one used as the heart of a business.

I have some clay leftover from a class I took recently. If I make some things can you fire them for me? Yes. You must know the cone temperature of the clay you are using.

I have some projects left over from a class I took recently that were never fired. Can I finish them in your studio? That depends. You will need to know what type of clay was used, and the firing temperature. Our glazes only work with certain types of clays. If you use the wrong kind of glaze on the wrong clay, it will wreck your project (and others fired with it in the kiln) If you know cone temp, and our products are compatible, we may be able to help you. Call for info.320-257-2787

 I have a pot that was given to me by my grandfathers, uncles best friend, but we chipped it, can you patch it and fix it.
No. Sorry, once an item is chipped, it's chipped. Put flowers in it and turn that part to the back, or break it up and make it in to a mosaic. Unfortunately there is not a magic product that we can use to fix your item. (If you have the broken piece you can use E6000 or any other fast drying, clear multi surface glue--read the bottle, it will say if it can be used on ceramic)

I had some clay stored in the basement but it's dried up like a rock what do I do? Put your dried up clay into a bucket, cover the lump with water. Every couple of days poke the clay with a stick, to let the water in, break it up into little pieces and eventually it will go back to mud. Wedge it and then use it. It might take a few days for the dried clay to absorb the moisture.

I found mold on my clay.
Excellent! Mold actually adds to the plasticity of the clay. Wedge it in and use it up the mold will burn out in the firing process. Please take appropriate safety measures by wearing a dust mask and gloves.
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