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Pottery Glass And Clay Fired Arts in Waite Park

What is a fused glass project? It is a medium that is similar to mosaics or collage. You start with a base glass, and glue bits and pieces of glass together to create a design. The design is fired in our on sight kiln (your project is ready to take home in about 7-10 days). fused glass in Waite Park

All of our creative areas Including basic beginner instruction. However an instructor will not be assigned to your table to help you. If you would like more focused instruction, please sign up for a Create Your Own Class.

Looking for a class to join? 

pottery glass and clay fired arts in Waite Park, fused glass projects

Fused GlassClasses


​Class fee: $15 (for the group)

Call the studio at 320-257-2787 to scheduled a date and time, be prepared to pay the $15 class fee when you set up the class.

Your glass projects are extra ($15-$40 depending on what you make)

  • Available for anyone who would like a more personalized glass fusing experience. Classes are available to set up any time during our open hours and will at least 2 weeks notice (based on instructor availablity) outside of our normal studio hours.
  • No minimum guests on weekdays during open stuiod hours
  • Minimum of 8 guests on weeknights after hours
  • Minimum of 4 guests on Saturday druing open hours
  • Minimum of 10 guests on weekends after hours.
  • Staff will show you how to cut, chip and alter glass for your project
  • A staff person will be dedicated to your group to help create projects and offer more advanced instruction.
  • A class fee of $15 for your group (not per person) is required as a reservation prior to the class. We are happy to dedicate a staff person to 2 people or up to 15. Your glass projects will be extra and vary between $15-$35 per person.
  • Make it a party! We host lots of adult celebration, birthdays, bachelorette, work groups, etc. If you would like to offer snacks and non-alcoholic beverages to your group event we can do that. We charge a $10 table fee for an extra table to hold your refreshments. Just let staff know you will be bringing snacks. If you are looking for children's party options we have projects available for that HERE

Fused Glass as a Walk-in

  • -We highly suggest if you have never created with glass before, that you take one of our public beginner classes (found on our studio calendar) or do a create your own class as described above. Once you have taken a  basic class, walk-in glass will be a lot easier.  Glass fusing can be very fun, once you understand the different options available to you. Our classes offer you a basic intro to different techniques and project. Glass can be frustrating, if you have never created before. OUr classes really help demystivy the art of glass fusing. This sometimes requires a little planning ahead. Once you have taken a class-walk-in will be easy!
  • Walk-in glass includes a quick refresher on how to cut, chip and alter glass for your project (glass cutting is best suited for older children, but you decide on whether they can use tools or not)
  • We also have pre-cut glass strips, chips and project parts and plenty of project options that do not require glass cutting.
  • Glass is not suitable for all children. We suggest children be at least 7 years old and able to listen, follow directions, and abide by safety guidelines. We are using glass fragments that have sharp edges.
  •  Glass is not suitable for children under the age of 5 (we do not even suggest letting them sit at the same table for safety reasons)
  • We love to teach you how to create with glass! Please work with us. We want to offer you a great experience, but that sometimes requires a little bit of pre-planning and scheduling an activity ahead of time. Because our studio can be busy at times (especially on Saturday afternoons) This is not always the best time to schedule your 1st experience as our staff is helping a lot of people at once. Glass can be frustrating, if you don't know what you are doing, and no one is available to help. Our staff enjoys guiding you through a positive experience. Take a class, you won't regret it.
  • If you have a group of 4 or more who are beginners you must create a class or sign up for one of our public classes. If you attemp to walk-in for glass with no experience  we reserve the right to suggest you set up a class at a time where our staff can properly assist you, 
    • Class times on Saturdays are only available at 10:30am or 4pm. Reserve well in advance as these slots are often sold out. Classes can be reserved anytime during our other non saturday open studio times