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Fused Glass Bottles

YES! We can flatten or form your special occasion bottle into a keep sake,

Cost: $8-$15 per bottle depends on size and type of firing

Please allow up to 2 weeks for us to fire your bottles.

We will experiment with a bottle of your choice, however we charge for all bottle firing and do not offer refunds if the bottle does not fire well (we have tested a lot of different bottles and can offer an educated guess on weather you will have a good outcome, but we have not tested every kind of bottle and labeling)

  • ​all paper or glued labels must be removed (we can remove lables but we charge $2 additional per bottle for labor)
  • We do not save paper labels. If you have a keepsake bottle and wish to save the label, you must remove and replace on your own. Paper labels will burn in the kiln. 
  • ​All sticker residue must be scrubbed from the bottle (it does not burn off)
  • Bottles must be clean and dry on the inside
  • Bottles with painted labels (enamel) often can be fired and the label stays on the bottle
  • Bottles with texture usually lose the texture
  • Bottles that fire the best:
    • ​Blue Bartenura Moscato bottles (enamel paint on these fires beautifully!)
    • Grey Goose Vodka
    • Sterling wines
    • Green Rolling Rock
    • Most Liquor bottles
  • Bottles that do not fire well
    • Coke Bottles (old or new)
    • Bottles with thick bottoms (square base liquor)
    • Brown Bottles
    • Bottles with frost
    • White fully painted bottles (like RumChata)
    • Bottles that are fully painted (they are usually dip painted on the outside, you will often see a clear section at the top 1 inch from top.
    • Enamel red paint often fires out white
    • Ninja Red bottles (enamel coating turns powdery)
  • Bring us your clean ready to fire bottle, pay the firing fee, we fire it, we will call when it's ready. No reservations required--just allow us time to get them done (up to two weeks)

Please note:

We fire glass two or three times a month. If you are looking for gifts, please allow plenty of lead time for us to fire bottles for you! We have pre-fired bottles in the studio ready for you to buy and take as well!