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Make and take

Field Trips:

At your location: Minimum of 15 participants or a $25 travel fee for less than 15.

At our location minimum of 8 participants to get the field trip pricing

Cost: $12.95 per person

Choose from a selection of figurines or an 8X10 canvas

Field trips in studio is students choice, if we come to your location we ask you choose one option (canvas or ceramic)

Your group can be led through a team building excercise. Call for more information

Sculpt with clay

COST: $12,95 per person

Suitable for ages 3+

Includes all materials paint and firing.

Students will learn the proper procedure to roll out clay, use clay tools and how to make textures and designs on the clay. Instructor will help the students plan out designs.  Projects will be painted the same day. They must be dried and fired--takes about 3 weeks for finishing.

Preschoolers to age 7 can choose to make two small cutter shapes  (25 different cutter designs to choose from, including holidays) or one larger bowl with textures. 

School age children ages 8 and up will make clay bowls or jars

Our most

popular option!

Fused Glass

Cost: $12.95 per person for aPendant, magnet, or suncatcher

$14.95 for a small plate

Suitable for children ages 8+

Students will use our glass cutting tools to cut and alter glass pieces. We will teach them how to create a textures and designs in a project. Each student will create either 2 pendant/magnet pieces or one 4X4 suncatcher

Plate, mug or bowl

COST: $12.95 per person

Great for all ages (3+)

In the studio--field trips students can choose their favorite shape (plate, mug or bowl from a selection of items we choose for your group)

If we come to your location we ask that you choose shape for the group (a plate, a mug or a bolw)

 Students will be given directions to use the tools and materials and will create their own fun project.

Projects must be fired in our kiln and take about 2 weeks to finish