Family Team building

In the Studio

Family time is the best. Finding an activity that suits the interests of everyone in the group is sometimes tricky.  Getting creative takes nothing more than a facilitator to get you started! Our staff is great at drawing out the creativity of everyone. The workshops below are available by reservation only. Not interested in a facilitator? Yes! you can bring your group in without having the staff, however we still suggest you make a reservation. If you are planning on a big group excursion, we don't always have large amounts of inventory back stocked, and we want to make sure your family can get the product they want, so please try to help us out by planning ahead. 

Our teambuilding activities are offered to all ages. Even the babies can lend their feet to express a little something in a group activity! Workshops are available at 10:30 or 4pm on Saturday, Friday, nights, Sundays and most weeknights. 

Cost: $10 reservation fee (for your group-paid at time of reservation) Price per person is below in the project options.

Your reservation fee covers:

  • Staff to lead your creative group experience
  • Tables and seating for up to 20 people
  • 1 table for snacks and non-alcoholic beverages.
  • All supplies, materials and tools needed for your project. Fired pottery take about 7-10 days to finish.
  • minimum of 4 people

SMASH CANVAS: A fun and easy way to get started. You will be given a few paint colors, and be directed in the process of creating a background. Your family chooses an option for a silhouette. Sports fans, animals, words, state etc. your group chooses the theme. This will require a little advance planning as our staff will need to prep a transfer pattern or stickers for your group.

Create on 11X14 or 12X12 canvas

Cost per person: $21.95

Family plates 

Choose a salad or dinner size plate. Everyone designs and decorates their own plate. Use them at the big family dinner, or for every day.

Also available as a bowl painting or mug painting event. 

Dinner plate: $19.95 per person

Salad plate: $16.95 per person (dessert or child says plate



Fill out this form to inquire about availability. 

Family ​​Team building experience options:

What's the word?: Everyone chooses their favorite family word or short phrase. We will offer you a couple of options to narrow down your choices, but creativity is encouraged. Each member chooses their own word, but then the whole family contributes to each canvas as we rotate around the table. Every canvas will be different, with the word as the focus.

Create on 11 X 14 or 12 X 12 canvas

Cost per person: $21.95

This is a sample of a finished Smash Canvas session with a family who experienced a loss. Artists were age 3 to 50. The little ones required a little help with tracing and smaller details. Everyone chose their own color pallette. Can you find the Vikings/Wild fan?

320-257-2787 classes in Waite Park

classes in Waite Park, Canvas Painting in Waite Park

Step by Step Canvas fun

Choose from one of our family friendly canvas options. Everyone will participate in a step by step instruction from start to finish. We suggest children be at least age 8 for this option.  Created on a 11X14 or 12X12 canvas.

Cost per person $24.95