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The 2018 Empty Bowls Fundraiser will be held on

April 13th 2019


April 14th 2019


City Of Hope Church

413 Franklin Ave NE

St. Cloud, MN

Reserve a bowl below!

Cost is $10 (plus tax)

per person/per bowl.

There is no fee to register, just tell us how many bowls you plan to paint, and you pay when you paint the bowls.

Because of studio space, some days are not available for painting bowls.

Individuals, small groups, families

Reservations are required whether you are 1 person or 50. Please reserve your bowls at least 24 hours in advance (or more!) If you have a group less than 10 people, please click on the blue button link at the bottom of this green box to reserve your spot online--if your group is larger, please call us at 320-257-2787 to set up your group. 


Schools, church or large groups

Our studio seats 50 people so we can accommodate a large group. Events in our studio offer your group more options on paint, design tools and supplies. Plus you make the mess here and not in your space. Parents are driving the youth to a location anyway--why not spice up your normal youth night with a low cost field trip?

At your location:

A minimum pre-paid group reservation of 20 people is required for our staff to come to your location. Due to staffing we are limiting our off-sight options. Please call to see if we can arrange an event at your location 320-257-2787

Kit to go

You can also reserve a kit with bowls, brushes, paints and directions to take to your event. Please call to set this up @ 320-257-2787

Empty Bowls

What is Empty Bowls?
Empty Bowls is a community collaboration project that creates awareness for hunger, homelessness and a community that cares about its under served population.  Art As You Like It helps this community project by offering hand painted bowls, painted by our customers and friends, to the annual soup supper that is held each year in March. 

Who makes the bowls?
​Community groups from all over the city donate bowls to the event. Art As You Like it provides pre-formed ceramic bowls for community groups to decorate. Groups come to our studio (or we can come to you!) to paint the bowls, and then all of the bowls are donated to the soup supper event. 

What happens to the bowls?The bowls at the event become a "parting gift" for those who attend the event. Every person who buys a ticket gets to take home a bowl. Extra bowls are also available for purchase at the event.

Why are the bowls important to the event?The idea is when you use the bowl, you will be reminded of those who are less fortunate. The event is also a fundraiser, the funds are used to provide services to those less fortunate, right here in  our community. The soup supper event is a gathering of community where soups, breads, and desserts are enjoyed, as well as some local entertainment and a silent auction.

Why is this event important in our community?This event is more than painting a bowl and donating to the supper. Those who have participated have realized the amazing experience that truly brings together the spirit of community. When you give a bowl, someone else gets to enjoy it, if you go to the event you get to take a bowl, and you get to enjoy that bowl. You can't help but think about the person who lovingly made or decorated the bowl that goes home with you. In our home, we have attended several years, and every time I use my bowl, I truly think about how blessed I am to have the things I have, and to appreciate that. It also makes me remember that there are others less fortunate.
While I don't have the resources to completely solve that problem this event is one way, as a business, that I can spread the love, and help create awareness and a small solution to help an organization that helps those less fortunate find their way.

Who benefits from the fundraiser? Proceeds from the event benefit Place of Hope, an organization that provides a variety of services to those in need.