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Call the studio at 320-257-2787 if you have questions or to set a date

  • In studio Create your own class  is available any time our studio is open. 

Great for those who want a little extra help with a special project or if you have a group wanting to create together. 

  • We require a minimum of 4 people on weekends or after hours
  • There is NO MINIMUM on weekdays/evenings (with some exceptions of dates that may not be available due to school holidays)
  • We can customize the class to include board art, glass fusing, canvas painting, pottery painting or clay handbuilding
  • You must set this up and reserve a head of time! A week or more is preferable so that we can insure we have trained staff to help you!

When should we schedule a create your own class?

  • Are you visiting our studio with a bunch of people who have never crafted before? Create your own classes are highly encouraged for groups who want to create in glass, canvas or board art especially if you have little to no creative or crafting experience. Our staff can help you resolve all those "how do I do that: frustrations and help you create a project you like. 
  • Do you have a special gift or project you want to make, and just need a little expertise--schedule a Create Your Own Class
  • Do you have kids who are dying to make something with clay--but you have no idea how to begin? How about a school project or a County Fair entry?--schedule a Create your own class!
  • Have your kids been paying with canvas and acrylic at home, but they aren't quite making the kinds of projects you were hoping for? We can help them learn to paint and create on canvas with just a few easy tips.
  • Have you been playing with paint and canvas and you can't quite figure out how to mix colors or get the shading right? WE can help you fix those problemswith a few easy tips. 
  • Do you  have a group of friends who likes to try new activities or be creative? On weekends we need a group of 4 or more--but weekdays have no minimums. We can teach you to create in glass fusing, board art or clay.
  • Looking for an adult party outing? Holiday events? Yep, we can do that. You can also arrange to have food catered in, bring a pot luck, or we can arrange catering for you.
  • Do you have mixed ages (kids and adults?) Check out these activities

Classes are available during most of our open studio hours. The further you plan out, the more likely you are to get the date and time you would like. Classes on Saturday are limited to 10:30am and 4pm. If you are looking for activities for kids under 16, please refer to our birthday party and field trip options!

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