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Want a class?

We can do that! Some people want the individualized attention offered in one on one instruction. Clay handbuilding can be done with an experienced clay artist. We still don't do intricate sculpting like animal heads or people sculptures. But we can work with you on a special project:

Cost: $15 class fee (for a group up to 12 people) and $20 per person for a project includes

  • 1.5 hours of instruction,
  • 2 lbs of clay
  • finishing, firing and glazing.
  • Additional clay and projects can be completed for an additional fee.

Check out these amazing project inspirations we found on Pinterest!

Cute Hands and Feet

Those little hands and seet grow up! We can capture your childs print right in the clay. We press it in and it makes an impression. We can do babies on up. 

I captured my nieces and nephews prints hours after birth! Just bring us the little one, and we will handle the rest. We suggest making a reservation so that our staff can get the clay ready or plan for arrival. Clay hands and feet can be customized to your specifications, or you can paint your own!

Clay Sculpting for

Kids and Adults

​​Handuilding with clay is FUN. It is the one class that kids and adults tell me was their favorite in art class. Do you still have a creation you made? Most people do!

Clay sculpting or handbuilding is the art of creating with clay using your hands and simple clay tools. Check out the projects in our Clay Sculpting Pinterest page (may not show on mobile)

Children should be at least age 3 (or at least no longer putting tools or hands in their mouth)--clay is non toxic, but tastes terrible!

Cost: $20 per person

Walk-in Clay includes:

  • up to 2 lbs of clay
  • basic instruction and guidance
  • Once you are given basic instructions your project will be completed on your own. Staff is available for questions and guidance but we do not provide step by step instruction.
  • Use of studio tools and supplies
  • Glazing and firing is included for one item, each additional item you create will be charged a firing/glaze fee of $5 per item
  • Additional clay can be purchased @ $2 per pound
  • Please note, walk-in options are geared to beginner instruction! (we do not teach sculpting of more intricate or artist level projects--check out our Pinterest page--linked on our website at the top of this page for ideas of projects we can help you create)
  • Firing and finishing of projects can take up to 4 weeks, so if you are looking for gift projects, please plan accordingly!
  • Allow yourself about 1 hour for creating, and 1 hour for painting.

Most projects can be painted the day you create,however some larger/more delicate projects we suggest painting in a second visit. Your instructor will recommend the best option based on your project. 

If you are looking for activities for scouts, please visit our home page and click on the links available for scouts and school groups. We have value pricing available for you.