Create a finished  painting on an 8 X 10 pre-stretched canvas

  • Use the techniques learned in the first session.
  •  Instructor will give options for subject

To complete the mural requirement we suggest your group hang the finished items from their classes in a public area (like a school, church or library).

When finished scouts will have completed all requirements to earn the Brownie Legacy Artist Painting badge (badges must be purchased from Girl Scout Council)

This two session class will bring your Brownie's through all the steps they need to earn their complete Legacy Artist Painting badge. Sessions are about 2 hours long for each. We suggest scheduling your sessions at a regular troop meeting time. Please make sure students dress for a mess! Paint are not washable Please call the studio to set up a date and time for your troup 320-257-2787

320-257-2787 classes in Waite Park

classes in Waite Park, Canvas Painting in Waite Park

  • Learn basic brush techniques.
  • Learn about creating texture, depth and design with paint
  • Learn about how colors create moods and feelings
  • Students will paint on  a variety of practice canvas papers and will end up with a variety of different items suitable to use in mixed media craft, add more designs or as a frame or gift.